Infinite Software specializes in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain software development services and Mining

Software solutions

We develop cryptocurrency, blockchain solutions for a range of clients, from startups to enterprises and everything in between. Software service examples include various kind of cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto payment processing, etc.

Blockchain technology

We can help you build a blockchain-based application from scratch or integrate your existing application to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology — speed, security and transparancy.

Cryptocurrency solutions

We build cryptocurrency solutions, including payment processing, integrations with exchanges and wallets, control of trading activities, smart contract development and ICO (initial coin offering).


We are a team of experts in blockchain technology. Contact us for project planning and development, software audit, ICO (initial coin offering) or simply to make sure that business plan is totally in line with technology.

Mining equipment

We sell custom built mining rigs. Mining rig can start from as little as 4 videocards.

Example of a mining rig

Rig is based on 6 GTX 1070 video cards.
Best for mining Ethereum, Zcash, Monero

  • Price: 4300 EUR
  • Power cost per month: ~60 EUR
  • Revenue from mining Ethereum per month: ~0.545 ETH = 490 EUR (Ethereum = 900 EUR)
  • NET Profit per month: ~430 EUR
  • Break-even period: 10 month
Contact us for more details

Mining services

We offer crypto mining services based on video cards from hosting the equipment to payouts to your bank account.


  • Mining rig hosting
  • Cheap electricity
  • Technical servicing
  • Insurance of equipment
  • Accounting reporting and tax payments